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You Sustain

My Impact Summary

As per this week’s assignment, I browsed the “You Sustain” page and input the data that represents my sustainable habits. As such, I find that my contributions to a sustainable society are minimal, they are effective.  For example, I only drink bottled water, and I recycle the empty bottles religiously. Which reduces my carbon footprint significantly but there is room for improvement. I’m also researching water filtration systems to connect to my water supply to reduce and eventually eliminate my bottled water consumption.  In addition, my efforts to contribute to a sustainable society include recycling clothing, grocery shopping bags and I’m currently considering converting back to a vegan lifestyle.

As I’m aware that consumption of products from animals with the use of GMO’s is not only unhealthy, and organic products are still questionable in my view….

Your Impact Summary


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Actions on your impact profile

Eat less meat (70 percent less than average person)
Hang-drying clothes (5 loads/week for 12 months/year)
Reusable Bags (1 bags/week)
Installing 1 low-flow showerheads
Wash clothes with cold water (3 loads/week)
No bottled water (Average (30 gallons))
Conventional fuel-efficient vehicle (50 km/year at 25 L/100km)

Each year you could save up to 2294kg CO2 and $487 from all your actions.


Sustainable Action Categories

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